“Willing to Wait?”

By Lauren M.

“Willing to wait?” is the automatic question that I get asked in local fast food restaurants when the food item that I want to order (fried chicken! Tuna pie! French fries! Ice cream!) is not immediately available. When I’m in a hurry or just really hungry, I usually ask the fast food crew member what item they can give me right away and just settle for whatever that is even if it’s not what I originally craved for. But when I’m not in a rush or my stomach isn’t growling yet, I usually just wait until the food that I really want is finally prepared.

It’s hard enough to wait for food when we want it now but it’s even much harder to wait for other things in life, whether they be related to ministry, family life, career or personal life.

Image courtesy of Steve Snodgrass

It’s not just modern people like us who have to wait for certain things; people who lived in ancient biblical times were not exactly strangers to waiting either. Abraham and Sarah had to wait until they were old enough to be great-grandparents before they became… parents (Gen. 18:10-14, Gen. 21:1-3). Joseph had to stay in whatever the Egyptian equivalent of Muntinlupa prison was for years because of a crime he did not even commit (Gen. 39:19-20). And the nation of Israel had to wait for thousands of years for the Messiah to finally come to earth.

But Abraham and Sarah became the ancestors of the nation of Israel (Matt. 1:2). Joseph’s imprisonment became the way for him to become the prime minister of Egypt, whom God used to rescue Israel from starvation during a famine (Gen. 45:4-8). And Jesus, well, Jesus was simply worth waiting for.

The Lord has reasons for letting us wait even though we might not understand why there has to be a delay at all. We have two choices. We can wait for God’s right timing: “I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, and in His word do I hope.” (Psalm 130:5, NASB).

Or we can force something we want to happen to happen right now through our own methods, just like Abraham and Sarah who tried to hasten the promise of God, with messy results (Gen. 16:1-5), although God still redeemed everything in the end.

And if we do choose to wait, we also have two choices: we can either sulk or worry while waiting or we can enjoy what we have right now. I’ve done my fair share of both – I’m an expert at the former but, yeah, the latter is more fun.


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10 Responses to “Willing to Wait?”

  1. Hi Lauren!

    When I don’t understand, iniisip ko na lang din na God will give me His blessing if I will only wait for His perfect timing 🙂 Ang hirap talaga mag-antay as in!!! And sometimes I make the mistake of settling for what’s good instead of waiting for His best. Haaaay. I just keep in mind that I should just really trust Him and everything is God’s design.

    One day we will understand why 🙂 see you Wednesday!

    • Lauren M. says:

      I know, Tams, it’s really hard to wait:) Especially if, just like me, you’re not exactly fond of waiting. You’re right, sometimes it’s easy to mistake the good for the best – especially if we’re determined to convince ourselves that the good is the best. Sometimes, I do wonder din how we’ll know what God’s will is for us, in different aspects of our lives, so I just pray that He will lead our steps. See ya this Wednesday!

  2. Sen Mondala -Basoc says:

    Dearest Lauren,
    Undoubtedly its hard to wait…I yearn to be back to our home country. I missed Kaye’s graduation last March 31. Surprisingly, her dad attended it! As an international student here in NZ, I paid NZ$ 17k for my annual fees but I must return to the Phil asap for an emergency operation. Do remember me in prayer… Trusting God’s sovereignty while entreating patience as I await His directions at this crucial decision making time. Regards to Euni.

    • Lauren M. says:

      Hi Doc Sen. We miss you here! You’ll continue to be in our prayers. Who is having the emergency operation? You or someone else? Either way, please text me when you’re back in the country so my mom and I can see you again.

      I know, I was really surprised, in a good way, to hear about Kaye’s graduation and her dad:) Kaye and I talked on the phone about it a few days before her grad…

  3. Redge says:

    Hi Lauren 🙂
    Thanks for this, very timely. Waiting is a test of patience for me, but seeing how Abraham,Sarah & Joseph waited, it is encouraging for they trusted in God’s timing to make everything beautiful in His time 😉

    Here’s to waiting joyfully! 😉


    • Lauren M. says:

      You’re welcome, Redge! I’m thankful that the post encouraged you. I know that God has beautiful plans for your life and for all of the girls’ lives and I’m excited to watch as He reveals them one by one in His perfect time. While waiting, let’s all continue to make each other smile and even laugh:D See you later!

  4. I want Ice cream- hot fudge…I’ll wait na lang for your libre treat. hehe! 🙂

  5. Lu-ann says:

    Lauren, thanks for sharing…This is a good read 🙂 I’ll share this to some friends 🙂

    • Lauren M. says:

      Hi Lu-ann! I’m glad you shared the post with your friends, thanks for the appreciation. Miss you na:) Is your number still the same? If not, paki-send naman sa email ng new one. Salamat!

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